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Whatidlove allows you, the user, to make an online gift list of gift wish list ideas from any combination of retailers and internet sites or charitable donations, you can even add just a note to the gift list. Whatidlove does not hold any stock or buy products on behalf of the online gift list owner. Visitors are directed to the individual seller’s site ( High Street ) or microsite ( Boutique )to buy the item, and the transaction is always with the retailer.


When you create a gift wish list, make sure the link or information you put on your gift wish list will make it easy for your visitor to buy the item. Use secure, well known e-commerce sites you trust and go to the specific item’s page as near to the "check out" page as possible with out buying it yourself! copy the item page's url (starting http://) and paste into the correct space on the whatidlove "window shopper". Don't forget include details of size, colour, value of the item on the window shopper so it is included on your gift wish list. This will make it easy for your visitor to buy the item from your online gift list and with very few clicks.

Do make sure the item is available/in stock.

A Gift Contributions facility, means you can add a large, expensive item to a gift wish list and friends and family can contribute towards it. It's great for a child's bike or something similar, a holiday, graduation gift, a leaving present, anniversary or a significant birthday so people can club together.

This is how it works:

As you add the item to a gift wish list, you have the option to tick a box so that people can contribute towards it. When someone contributes they choose the amount they want to give, use their credit card and the funds go into a secure bank account. There is a running total that can be seen by both you and your guests at all times, however you do not get to see who has contributed what, until the end, when you decide to claim the money. When you decide you want to claim the funds, you just click a button and request the money. The contribution facility is immediately closed and all the people who contributed and any message they left is available for the you to see and send a "thank you".

Whatidlove then transfers the money directly into your account (so you must have a bank account), and sends you the link to buy the item. There is a charge for this service (as there are bank charges and administration costs, for these details see our terms and conditions).

Items can be moved from one gift wish list to another so when Christmas is over the item could go onto a birthday gift list for family to continue to contribute towards.


If you are a visitor to an online gift list, perhaps a wedding guest, then there are a few things you need to be aware of. Whatidlove holds the online gift list on behalf of the list owner or wedding couple and it is they who have compiled the gift list and choosen the retailers. Whatidlove does not hold or purchase any stock on your or the gift list owner's behalf. When you click on an item to view/buy it you will be directed to the retailer's site, where you can purchase the item and have it sent to you or delivered to the recipient - so it is a good idea to know the delivery address before you start. Do follow the proceedure when you have purchased the gift, most importantly you will need to confirm you have purchased the gift by clicking on the appropriate button so the list will be updated.


Creating a gift wish list is a great way to help eliminate all those unwanted presents. An average of £50.00 worth of unwanted presents are given per person every year.

Making a list of those presents you'd love to have bought for you, or creating a gift wish list for your children or partner is a great way to help family and friends buy the right presents. Buying presents that are really appreciated and not wasted not only saves them time but many other valuable resources too.

Make the most of whatidlove.co.uk, IT'S FREE! and secure

Lists can be made for any gift giving occasion and it is easy to make a Wedding Gift List, Birthday Wish List, Anniversary Gift List, Christmas Wish List, New baby, Graduation, Retirement...whatever you choose. All you need to do is register and start building your gift wish list. Once registered, you can add items from anywhere by using:

1. The Window Shopper. Follow the easy instructions and copy and paste the page url of items you want on your list from any internet site you choose.(Show me)(you'll soon get the hang of it).

2. Add original things from any of our growing collection of wonderful independent shops you won't find on the high street (see Boutique), they have lots of original gift ideas.

3. You can also simply add a note by using the "Add an Item from a shop - not on the Web" page.

4. Add a large item so that people can contribute towards it

Once you are happy with your gift wish list you can send the online gift list number to anyone who wants to buy you a present and they can view and buy from it. As gifts are purchased they are taken off the gift wish list so no one else can buy them.

For those who want help with purchasing a gift from a list and would prefer to talk to a human they can always call customer services on 0117 9741084 (9am to 5pm Monday to Friday)...and we will be delighted to help.

If you have any other queries you may like to view our FAQs page first click here

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